Here, I have posted the original and several images of the original edited using Adobe Photoshop Filters to make them look like works of art. I used this particular photograph because of the rich colors and the brilliant light source. Starting after the original photograph, each new image becomes just a bit more abstract until the last three. If the viewer did not know these as manipulated photographs of a castle on the banks of a river or lake with the sun shining in the background, they may not see anything except blobs of color. This is where the imagination can really go wild.

I have also included in this post a link for a tutorial that shows how to use Adobe Photoshop Filters.

Using Filters in Photoshop

I borrowed the original image from:

Amazing Photos of Castles, Palaces, and Chateaux amazing photograph is of Moritzburg Castle, located in Dresden, Germany

Original Photograph:

Next, I would like to take these same images and see what I could accomplish using oil paints, watercolors and acrylic on raw canvas. Maybe even see what could come about if I used colored washi paper to get different effects. The possibilities are only as limited as the imagination.