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I recently discovered Linsay Weirich’s channel on YouTube


Watercolor Painting Lessons – Wash Techniques

Watercolor Techniques for Beginners REMAKE part 4 of 4


Watercolor Techniques for Beginners REMAKE part 3 of 4


Watercolor Techniques for Beginners REMAKE part 2 of 4

Watercolor Techniques for Beginners REMAKE part 1 of 4

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“Ivan Bilibin”

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Ivan Bilibin

Ivan Bilibin

Ivan Bilibin

Color Theory Portrait

Color Theory Portrait (Photo credit: Dyvo)

(Found at this site:)

16 Lessons in Color Theory

# Lesson Name Description
  • Why Color?
  • Putting Color in the Brain
  • Learning About Color
2 A Wheel of Color
  • A Wheel of Color
  • Ugly Corner in a Cityscape
  • Let’s Expand a Bit
  • Moving on to a Pastel World
3 Colors with Pastels
  • Moving to a Pastel World
  • Some Thoughts
4 The History of Color
5 Color Perspective
  • Is color perspective important?
  • Distance affects all colors
  • Weather affects all colors
  • Studying color perspective
  • Exercise in color perspective
  • Color perspective in houses/figures
  • Color perspective in foliage
6 Importance of Value in Color
  • Avoid holes and jumping-out colors
  • Light and Shadow
  • Studying Light and Shadow
  • Color and Perception
  • Optical Illusions
  • Exercises in Optical Illusion
7 The Meanings of Color
  • Effects of After-Images
  • Colors and Memory
  • The Meaning of Colors
  • Symbolic Colors
  • What do Colors Stand For?
8 Psychology of Color
  • Phsycological effects in painting
  • How to Judge your Color Selection
  • Characteristic Color Combinations
  • Color in Photography vs. Painting
  • Colors in Painting vs. Colors in a Room
9 Characteristics of Manufactured Colors
  • Brief Survey of Painting Media
  • Pigments we use
  • Opacity and Transparency
10 Use and Selection of Colors
  • The Colors You Need
  • Can You Work with Just Primary Colors?
  • There are Several Reds, Yellows, Blues
  • Recommended Lists of Colors
    • Colors in oil painting
    • Colors in casein, tempera, gouache
    • Colors in watercolor
    • List of transparent watercolors
    • Colors for polymer painting
    • Colors for pastel painting
11 What Your Colors Will Do
  • Reds
  • Orange
  • Yellows
  • Blues
  • Violet
  • Greens
  • Browns
  • Gray
  • Blacks
  • Whites
12 Impastos and Color Mixing
  • Impastos, Gels, Extenders
  • Mixing Colors
    • Why mix colors?
    • Seeing color differences
    • Actual mixing of colors
    • Exercise in color mixing
    • Making colors darker
    • Using black & white properly
13 Color Effects
  • Color Effects
    • Exercise in color effects
    • Harmony and disharmony in colors
    • Exercise in color harmony
    • What’s a color scheme?
  • Color effects by natural light
    • Variation in sunlight
    • Shadows cast by the sun
    • Painting daylight streaming through a window
    • Painting sunset colors
    • Painting shiny metal effects
    • Paintnig reflections in water
14 Color Effects (part 2)
  • Color effects by Artificial Light
    • Limitations of articifial light
    • Good features of artificial light
    • Should we paint by artificial light?
    • Painting light by showing its effect
    • Painting a cityscape at night
    • The importance of careful observation
    • Exercise in perceiving color by artificial light
    • Painting indoor subjects by artificial light
    • How to achieve brightness
    • Important and exciting shadows
    • Light can be placed in unusual positions
15 Optical Effects in Color and DesignANDExpressing yourself in color
  • Optical Effects in Color and Design
    • Color of glass and water
    • What is Op Art?
    • Importance of Repeat Patterns
    • Optical gadgets and toys
    • Painting motion
  • Expressing yourself in color
    • Is color a medium of self expression?
    • Self expression in art is a new idea
    • Art and psychoanalysis
    • Identify yourself with your art
    • People respond to colors differently
    • Similarities between opposites
    • Testing responses of non-professional painters
    • Expressing hatred and love
    • Expressing sadness and happiness
    • Is self expression in painting honest?
    • Is art a universal language?
16 Conclusion
  • Artistic self-expression in the past
  • Glossary of terms

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