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This street art is so fabulous that I just had to reblog it!
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  VHILS is the tag name of Portuguese graffiti/street artist Alexandre Farto (born in 1987) He gained prominence when his work of a face carved into a wall appeared alongside a picture by street artist Banksy at the Cans Festival in London in 2008. A photograph of him creating the work appeared on the front page of The Times.

He was later given space to show his work by Banksy’s agent, Steve Lazarides. Several of his works were featured in Outsiders, a collection of street art published by Century, 2008. He is also shown by Vera Cortes and Magda Danysz Gallery.  “

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Giraffes! Fabulous.

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE ORIGINAL BLOGGERS POSTS. They were kind enough to let me share this wonderful article with you.

Debos photo blog


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Maze-ing Maze 199

Check out these amazing mazes.  I am working on putting together every single puzzle on their blog site. It is a wonderful stress reliever and lots of fun besides! Press the link above and you too can enjoy Maze a day’s wonderful blog and puzzles.

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Check out this artist. I really like the African animal drawings and the way they add unusual texture with Black and a Camel tone. Click the link below to learn more about them and their art.


Maze a day

I love giraffes and I adore animal art, especially of Africa. This is a piece from a fellow blogger. Check out their site. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did.

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