Barbara Harms Fiber Art

C                                                                                                                                                               Spring flowers, who loves them? A huge show of hands go up in response, in our minds anyway.  How many of us lose our breath over beautiful flowers? Or your heart rate raises dangerously high when looking at a bed of your favorite flowers?  Who can get enough wonderful, glorious flowers? There are never enough flowers for us, are there?

I’m guilty of all the above.

Come spring I plant a truckload of old-fashioned English cottage flowers, foxglove, Delphiniums, hollyhocks, forget me nots, hardy geraniums. phlox, all to compliment my 50 +  David Austin roses, not familiar? Think petal counts of up to a 100,  old-time fragrance that’s non-existent in modern teas. One even had a perfume named after it, Evelyn was used as the basis of that lovely perfume.

They are bred with a mixture of old-time roses Although most of them rebloom after the first flush and continue to do so.

They fit in so well, wonderful soft…

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