The Urge To Wander

India has a thriving contemporary art scene and some of the big names such as M F Hussein and Tyeb Mehta have fetched huge sums in auctions worldwide. Since I cannot afford even the serigraphs of these master painters, I shall use Ailsa’s travel theme to intoduce you to some comparitively lesser known artists, whose works hang on my walls.

The seed for my modest art collection was sown nearly two decades ago when I spotted this vibrant 11″ x 8″ gouache at an exhibition by an (then) unknown artist called Vaikuntam. The contorted, swarthy ‘Telengana’ woman was his trademark and I fell in love with her and would have happily bought the entire lot if only I had the means. R wasn’t convinced of course and never believed in art as investment. Big mistake. Vaikuntam is a respected senior artist now, and our princely (at the time) outlay…

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