Amazing photography!
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stuart allan hyde ______

Insomnia strikes even with the sound of the ocean doing it’s best to lull you to sleep…This morning it struck at 3.00 am…

Still dark….. and going to be for 2 and a 1/2 hours, so I took my time getting dressed, managing to drag each leg of my shorts into a 15 second process and a further 10 seconds to pick up the camera….I was still on the beach with 2 hours 29 minutes and a few random seconds to go before dawn..

So I through caution to the winds and turned right, and headed South, planning to see how far I could get before it was light enough to shoot.

A Long Way!

Worth it though…A lovely bay in lovely light and a few knackered looking villas, (which always look the best in a photo)…


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