Astonishing paper art. A must see.
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Integrative Thought

Periodically I share with you some of my “favorite” things…or things I find fascinating…and I recently have been introduced to some wonderful artists that you need to know about…

Ingrid Siliakus is a paper architect/artist from the Netherlands…I invite you to check out the following sites to see some of this amazing work:








Gugger Petter weaves newspaper into portraits…check out these sites:












And lastly, I belong to the Spiritual Cinema Circle and receive DVD’s each month with inspiring movies, documentaries, and short films.  This past month the feature was a documentary film on Ginny Ruffner, a lampwork glass artist who also creates glass sculptures, metal sculptures, paintings, public art, pop-up books, and commission work.  The movie is about her life before and after a head injury from a car…

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