The art found here is absolutely charming!
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Ars Nycticorax

I must apologize to my facebook followers who have been anticipating this moment, I’m not sure it is as epic as warranted by 3 weeks of secrecy.

A while ago Lucretia Renee Rathmann – proprietress of Dark Fusion Boutique – asked me to create some illustrations for DFB. She wanted me to use photographs from the website for reference, which was sweet, since she is a great photographer. First I came up with this:

For reference, I used a DFB photo taken by the insanely talented Christopher Perez. For the rest of the DFB images, I wanted to mute the models a bit so the clothing would pop a bit more. I created the foreground images and the DFB logo in the same style as Lucretia’s portrait, (sans heavy shadows on the models) then brought the images into photoshop and completed them there. I also did 3 variations of…

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