These photographs are beyond amazing.
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Astonishing India

Weekends bring along a wish to escape from the routine day’s boredom. And having developed a liking towards long drives, I start getting all fidgety as the weekend nears…..I just have to go ……!!

At the time we were posted in Pune and on one of our such weekend getaways we visited Ajanta Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These Buddhist rock-cut caves in Aurangabad district of the state of Maharashtra date back to 2nd century BCE. These caves have both chaityas(halls enclosing stupas, mainly for prayers)  and viharas( dwellings or cells) .There are around 30 caves, cut out in rock. To carve out these majestic caves, the cutting of rock started from top to bottom. To have achieved such proportions and beauty with only hammer and chisel is indeed impossible to imagine in this machine age ….

Visit to such places evokes a sense of pride for the rich culture and history…

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