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Christopher Martin Photography

2011 was a good year for my landscape photography as I got into a variety of beautiful scenes and had the opportunity to create some interesting images.  Tonquin Valley and Kaua’i stand out in particular and I also enjoyed working through the seasons on the prairie.  Here is a large set of photographs which I was happy to add to my portfolio over the past year.

Pink sunlight streaked across the ceiling of clouds and painted the tips of The Ramparts in Jasper National Park’s Tonquin Valley.

The warm light of late afternoon in the Tonquin Valley wrapped around the mountains and the clouds just ahead of dusk.  A polarizer allowed me to play with the reflection and transparency of different parts of Amethyst Lake and I loved how this image ended up.

I seem to have an addiction for this weathered log and this view across the Vermilion Lakes…

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