Van Gogh, up close and personal. The only way to get closer is to visit the museum exhibit.

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New York State Of Mind

I never quite ‘got’ all the fuss about Van Gogh’s work… His paintings always looked a little strange to me.

And then I went to MoMA a few years ago and saw ‘The Starry Night‘ for the first time and just like the Jackson Pollock pieces I’d seen minutes before,  it grabbed me and gave me a thorough shake.  I’d never seen paintings where texture leapt off the canvas.  (I still find myself looking down the side of Mr P’s works  – as close as I’m allowed – to try take pictures of how the paint lies on the canvas – or indeed looks as if it’s fighting with gravity – literally trying to leap off the surface).

Last December, we went back to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  This time we wandered around their modern art section and saw Van Gogh’s ‘Wheat Field With Cypresses‘…

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