I found this a very interesting concept.

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Miniature series entitled “The City” by Lori Nix

I’m a little obsessed with the idea of this equation:
miniature + city + abandoned + vintage + photography = Awesomeness

Lori Nix is often asked questions about the inspiration for her work as well as her working process.

“I have been building dioramas and photographing the results since the early 1990s. As I’ve working through various bodies of work my fabrication skills have improved and my subject matter has become more complex. With The City series I have moved indoors, creating architectural interiors. This has proven most difficult yet most rewarding. Currently it takes about seven months to build a scene and two to three weeks to shoot the final image. I build these in my Brooklyn living room. I have miniature power tools throughout the apartment, a chop saw under the kitchen table, a miniature table saw on top. The…

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