These are examples of what you can come up with when you take your camera with you wherever you go. Here are three photographs taken by a friend, Christi at various restaurants.  The little boy is her two-year-old son, Adam. The titles and explanations are in Christi’s own words.


 This was taken in Old Town Spring (Spring 2011), and simply reflects the joy of a child.


This was taken at a local restaurant, while I, (Christi) was having some lunch. I was enjoying the solitude & view from my table, but realized that I also liked the feeling of having a few others around at a “safe” distance. I was noticing how almost all of the couples and family there were older & perhaps locals. A couple of older ladies sitting across from me, seemed a bit curious about my placement in the establishment. My goal was to capture that dilemma between being “observer”, and being the one observed.


It was taken at the same restaurant , I (Christi) had lunch at in Photo above. The condiments seemed to all fit perfectly in this picture…almost as if they were all conspiring against the water. Whatever their plan was, it seems to be working.