Ceiling of the San Brizio Chapel,

Ceiling at the San Brizio Chapel

File:Fra Angelico 046.jpgThe Virgin of the Annunciation

The artist in residence this week is Fra Giovanni Angelico, 1400 to 1455.

His real name was Guido di Pietro and was an early Italian Renaissance painter.

He was first trained as an illuminator, one who adds gold or silver decoration to illuminated manuscripts. Christ in Majesty from theAberdeen Bestiary

At the  Dominican friary of Cortona, he painted frescoes in the Dominican Church, destroyed by fire and at the convent of Fiesole.File:Fra Angelico 037.jpg

The Vatican, 1445–1455

The Crucified Christ

In 1445 he painted frescoes of the Chapel of the Holy Sacrament at St Peter‘s in Rome in the Vatican. From 1447 to 1449 he  designed, with the help of assistants,  frescoes for the Niccoline Chapel, martyred deacons of the Early Christian Church, St. Stephen and St. Lawrence using gold leaf decoration.The Crucified Christ

Art Project

Painting with Silver Leaf


construction paper, dark sheet

pencil or chalk for sketching


white glue

tempera paints and brushes


1. Choose a dark color of construction paper

2. Sketch a large design o the paper with the pencil. Draw the face of an angel or a fish, a crown with jewels,a robot for outer space or an abstract design of foil and color

3. Cut pieces of aluminum foil to fit some of the areas in the drawing and glue them down.

4. Paint around the shiny foil pieces with tempura paint. Outline the foil.


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